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IrisGuard Technology
IrisGuard Technology is based on the science that every human eye is different, providing a unique identifier for every person in the world.  It uses the varied characteristics of the human iris and delivers accurate, fast and secure biometric personal identification solutions.
IrisGuard EyeBank® solution includes IrisGuard cameras, software and backend servers that scan the iris and immediately compares it with every record in the bank database to give an accurate and reliable authentication.  
It is proven in real world operations and used in the field since 2001 to quickly and accurately identify tens of millions of people from more than 190 countries. Independent third party studies have confirmed the scientific reliability of IrisGuard EyeBank® solutions.

Innovation, Quality and Service
IrisGuard leads the world of iris recognition technology in technical innovation, quality and services.  
Our research and development team has designed the most accurate camera systems in the world, which operates reliably in various lighting and environmental conditions. 
IrisGuard products have exceeded all known quality standards and throughput. Our cameras are the fastest, most accurate, safest, easiest to use and simply the best built in the world.
Lead by IrisGuards ISO certified Design and Manufacturing Center in the United Kingdom, our network of highly motivated professionals are delivering reliable, effective and impeccable services to thousands of customers and partners around the world.
How it Works 
IrisGuard Technologies operates when a user simply looks into the IrisGuard Camera, which automatically detects one's irises and takes a focused, pristine black & white image.  
Mathematical algorithms convert the iris image into a unique digital code which is enrolled into the bank’s iris database for storage and rapid matching.  
All in a few seconds!



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