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About irisguard:

Established in 2001, irisguard is the pioneer of, and market leader in, iris recognition technology, the most secure and fault-free of all biometric analysis systems.  irisguard delivers this through its patented EyePay®, EyeCash™, EyeHood® and EyeCloud® solutions, providing instant ATM withdrawals, remittances and food voucher replacements.  These solutions and technologies are used in a variety of payment applications, across the banking, humanitarian relief and homeland security sectors.


Media resources:

Images for use by the media - including the irisguard logo - are available on request.

The management team are happy to give interviews by appointment only on the following subjects:

  • iris recognition as part of the biometric sphere
  • why the iris biometric is the most secure, accurate, fastest and fault-free method of human identification
  • irisguard's humanitarian projects with UNHCR and WFP
  • how irisguard is helping the UN meets its Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 (and others)
  • award-winning coupling of EyePay® and the WFP's private permissioned Ethereum blockchain
  • iris-enabled cash assistance, food voucher replacement and agency banking


Media contact:

Eva Mowbray, Director of Marketing
Tel: + 44 (0) 1908 597 114
Mobile: +44 (0) 7539 739 450