Empowering the UN's sustainable development goals

Target 16.9In 2015, the United Nations produced its Agenda for Sustainable Development, and as part of that, 17 Sustainable Development Goals to "transform our world".


Target 16.9 states that "by 2030", the UN will "provide legal identity for all including free birth registrations".  For the huge number of refugees, forcibly displaced from their homes, the ability to create and use a digital ID to access cash and food assistance for their families is a huge step towards that goal.


The use of irisguard's technologies means that to date 2.7 million refugees have been provided with a secure, digital identity and are now able to access cash and/or food assistance to ensure their families' future. 


mobile up closeIt is esimated by the Biometrics Research Group that by 2020, all smartphones will have a biometric capability installed as standard.  irisguard has taken the initiative, and produced the EyePay® Phone, the only device in the world that connects to a biometric database of millions and 100% verifies identity to authenticate transactions and payments.


irisguard's mission is to "Empower financial inclusion in the blink of an eye" and with approximately 2 billion plus people around the world outside the traditional banking system - the world's unbanked - iris recognition is onoboarding, authenticating identity and authorising transactions for these vulnerable people, enabling them to have as normal a life as possible under such difficult circumstances.


The use of iris recognition to provide an authenticated, reliable ID that cannot change over time or degrade with wear and tear ensures that in the future true financial inclusion is possible, with the same ID used to access other services, including microfinance.