Zain Group is the leading mobile telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa. Zain Cash, is Zain’s award-winning mobile wallet used for money transfer and electronic bill payment. They needed a cash-out identification solution to enhance authentication, security, and customer experience.

Large scale aid payment project and accuracy

UNHCR and other humanitarian organization in Iraq are targeting more than 1 million displaced Iraqis and refugees that are in need of cash assistance. Currently over 120,000 vulnerable families in Iraq and approximately 30,000 non-Iraqi families in the country receive cash support via the UNHCR. Cash-out identification solution was required to increase the registration capacity for beneficiaries whilst making it more convenient, remove duplication effort, speed up the process which used to take 15 days, eliminate fraud and identity theft and making it easier for use by the elderly. This resulted in increasing the number of beneficiaries being served with higher standards of accountability and efficiency.

“...our collaboration with UNHCR and IrisGuard allows us to return greater dignity, privacy and ensure financial inclusion of vulnerable people throughout Iraq...”

Zain Cash CEO, Yazen Altimimi

Delivering aid in a faster and more secure way

Streamlined process restoring dignity & financial inclusion

Our partnership with the UNHCR and Zain Cash has delivered a program utilizing our end-to-end EyePay® Cash platform across 70 Zain Cash agents’ locations in Iraq, which has in the last 4 months processed over 47,000 transactions, serving over 40,000 beneficiaries, amounting to 20M USD, and growing. It increases beneficiaries’ privacy, significantly improves delivery of assistance they so desperately need which previously took 15 days, enables a secure cash out process and importantly, restores dignity. See how it works

“….UNHCR is glad that Zain Cash is taking the lead in rolling out the use of iris scan technology in Iraq in cooperation with IrisGuard.”

Ayman Gharaibeh, UNHCR Iraq Representative

  • Remove need for any ID
  • 100% accurate using I ris
  • Verified and secure payment platform
  • Accountability
  • Targeted aid distribution
  • Fraud elimination
  • Efficiency
  • Stretching donors donations
  • Reduced bank fees
  • Leading the way with innovation
  • Protect personal entitlement
  • Speed
  • Dignity
  • Increased donations
  • Communities rebuilt
  • Securing a new future

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