Healthcare Professionals

Correct product and personal identification

Controlling access to medical & professional data

Audit trail




Correct health care provision

Protection of personal medical records

secure access to personal medical records

Safe care in the community


When it comes to healthcare, it is absolutely critical to correctly identify a patient to ensure their safety, whilst stopping incorrect treatment and insurance fraud,  enabling billing and audit trail for medical treatments. And there is certainly an element of value when it comes to controlled dispensing of high-risk medication and clinical trial management.

Healthcare delivery remains one of the largest expenditures of today and there is a real pressure to achieve efficiencies and digitization of this sector but there is also an element of what that means for patients, how they interact with new systems and how they access medical services and information. Experience, convenience, accuracy, speed and security of our personal and medical information are the driving forces in the need for digital transformation in this area.

Whether the challenge is striving to deliver quality patient care, to cut insurance fraud or to improve and grow clinical research trials, it all starts with a digital identity and ends with a secure health eco system and secure electronic medical records. Our solutions address those challenges.

Patients who are more informed about their condition and if they have good access to information, they will be more engaged with their treatment, and as a result they’ll have better health outcomes, they’ll be healthier, they’ll live longer and they’ll be more empowered. Particularly in more remote and rural areas where access to good quality healthcare is challenging.


Demand for medicines in developing countries is forecasted to grow significantly and that’s a tough ask because there are often no patient records, there aren’t any ID papers and that poses a challenge of its own.

As individuals, we expect that our identity will be protected, our medical records will be safe and only accessed by ourselves and the authorised personnel. We also expect that whether we go to the GP or for a treatment in hospital, then end up in the pharmacy to collect medicine or whether we are in an emergency situation – the medical professionals who we rely upon all need to have access to the patient records in real time, they need to understand our medical history and any allergies to ensure that we get receive the right treatment and the right advice.

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