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In 2018 IrisGuard created a world’s first by launching the EyePay® Mobile Phone with full iris scanning features. The company is registered as a smartphone manufacturer and one of only 250 GSMA associate members. This provides the platform to be fully capable of addressing the 5.2 Billion unique GSM subscriptions around the world.

The EyePay® Mobile Phone is a contemporary standard Android platform but designed and built to include the unique iris scanning technology and liveness and security countermeasures pioneered and patented over the past 20 years by IrisGuard across the whole product range.

Inclusion for all is key regardless of the location or level of communication connection available. The smartphone therefore has 2/3/4G WiFi, and CE, FCC and GSM approvals. These features, together with front and rear facing iris NIR cameras, allows our smartphone to be deployed to enrol, register and verify people in over 212 countries serving a potential population of over 7 Billion.


All of IrisGuard’s systems are designed and targeted to reach the furthest number of people and countries and address crisis wherever this may occur. This already fits in with the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and targets set by the UN and the GSMA Mobile Connect/M4H policies for mobility of financial inclusion and identity verification for social benefits and services.

The World Bank also defines financial inclusion as: "that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs (transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance) delivered in a responsible and sustainable way".

Therefore, for the approximate 1.7 billion people around the globe - the world's unbanked - financial inclusion can seem an almost impossibility.

IrisGuard's technologies can help to close this gap to bring financial inclusion to individuals, families and communities who sit outside the traditional banking sphere, providing them with a 100% accurate and secure digital identity. They then require no paperwork, card or passwords, their eye is their Unique Verifiable Identity (UVI) and is the key to unlock and facilitate access into the conventional financial world. This means use and access to iris-enabled ATM cash machines, standard retail POS and EFTPOS devices, existing authorisation and payment settlement platforms such as MEPS, APACS and EyePay mobile phone.

In short in exactly the same way as a customer with a bank issued card and PIN number would use their funds, the iris-enabled hardware authenticates identity using the iris and authorises a financial transaction in less than three seconds anywhere in the world. Those payments are then 100% secured without any need for PIN numbers or passcodes which could have been stolen, lost or faked.

For cash withdrawal or grocery shopping in a supermarket the experience is almost identical to a card and PIN transaction, this therefore doesn’t single the user out as unbanked and provides them with assured dignity.

Extension of IrisGuard’s suite of fixed and portable devices to the revolutionary EyePay® Phone brings together the expertise of IrisGuard with the portability and connectivity of an Android mobile. We can now provide financial inclusion on the move and bring even more dignity to the world's unbanked.

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