Eliminating douple-dipping

Eliminating ghosting







Benefit fraud is a real problem and in the UK in 2016 alone, it cost almost £2.1B. Artificial Intelligence is used to prevent fraudulent claims and recovery of unlawful benefits, however there is still a level of human intervention needed to combat this crime. There is a real commitment to further expansion of technology and innovation and it is one of the Government’s key priorities including recommendations for increased access to data in a wider range of sectors.

Our iris recognition platform removes the need for any form of ID such as username, password, card, pin or ID card. We authenticate and verify that the person who is claiming a pension payment for example or unemployment benefit are who they claim they are with 100% certainty, ultimately providing proof-of-life confirmation. One of our priorities is to help move towards our mission of empowering financial inclusion in the blink of an eye and to help increase the quality of life through the distribution of useful and accessible financial services. We are able to secure digital ID for homeless and vulnerable populations who do not have ID documents, ensuring that they have access to healthcare and other available services whilst eliminating double-dipping and ghosting.

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