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We understand how important it is to choose the right supplier and the right solution. We'd be delighted to be able to meet you face-to-face or virtually and demo our platform. See below where we will be coming to next.

We have established ourselves as a trusted provider of a biometric ID management platform with 3700 iris devices active across 7 countries utilized by banking institutions in Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan & East Timor.

We are proud and humbled to have worked with the incredible teams at the UNHCR, WFP, UN Women, ACTED, UNICEF, Zain Cash, UWallet, Money Gram, Cairo Amman Bank, Western Union and others, going back to 2008. They work in extremely challenging environments and one of our best qualities as a business is the ability and the drive to provide an outstanding deployment with reliable support on the ground through a team of field-based engineers which are deployed wherever they are needed.


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Our systems are suitable for new database registration including utilising of existing iris images, and for provision of services and payments that require an accurate proof-of-life to ensure accuracy and accountability. Speak to our team about your requirements and challenges or get in touch to arrange a free, non-obligatory system demo.