Opening up new investment opportunities to increase growth momentum

IrisGuard hold a unique and strong position within the fast growing biometrics payment and ID industry, specifically within the humanitarian & Fintech sector.

Our unique transactional charging model, backed by our patented technologies and a team of pioneering industry leaders, present the opportunity for significant revenue and profit growth within these growing sectors, alongside new revenue opportunities within the healthcare, pensions and G2C (Government to citizen) sectors.

Our solutions create efficiencies by eliminating identity fraud, whilst offering unparalleled transparency and accountability, factors increasingly in demand by donors whose aid is being stretched more than ever before.

We are the only global company completing end-to-end secure financial transactions using only the human iris, providing a full-service solution with our own hardware and API's, operating 24/7/365, in frequently challenging conditions.

Our monetization strategy is straightforward as we collect a fee on each transaction.

We are the leading authority in the iris biometric sphere, frequently sought out for industry research and studies.

In 2022, 274 million people will need humanitarian assistance worldwide (Source: UNOCHA)

The market size for all humanitarian aid (IHA) is growing rapidly and currently valued at USD$ 31.3 billion (Source: Development Initiatives)

Humanitarian assistance is moving from in-kind aid towards cash assistance (Cash & voucher assistance is currently valued at USD$ 6.7 billion with current growth is 19% per annum) as it is more cost effective to distribute, provides beneficiaries with more choice and supports the local communities.

We currently process 9.3% of total global aid = USD$ 1.2 billion annually

We have performed over 163 Trillion cross matches with zero false identifications, backed by our SLA commitment, utilising our 3,800 live service points across MEA & Africa.


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Board Members

  • Karim Kawar, Chairman
  • Rudain Kawar, Director
  • Haythem Macki, Director
  • Karim Souaid, Director
  • Imad Malhas, Chief Executive Officer


  • lmad Malhas
  • Rudain Kawar
  • Karim Kawar


lnstitutional Investors

IrisGuard has been supported over the years by a number of valued and distinguished corporate investors, who bring a wealth of expertise from a diversified range of industries.

Whilst developing a solid business model with foundations for scalability, their support and partnership has been instrumental in providing perspective on new innovations, advising on potential risks, enabling networking opportunities to increase our reach and improving our corporate governance. They include Growthgate Capital and Goldman Sachs.

Individual Investors

The company enjoys support from a group of successful and diversified group of family & friends business network, ranging from hospitality to engineering, who share the company vision and provide invaluable advise and proactive assistance towards meeting the company goals.

Investor Contact

We are actively seeking new strategic / investment partners and if you’d like to obtain information on our exciting and strong growth opportunities, please contact us.

Simon Reed, Deputy Director

Tony Knight, Finance Director




Delivering on UNGC Sustainable Development Goals

The principles of the UNGC SDGs are an important part of the work of IrisGuard UK Ltd and resonate through our Vision and Mission and are within the PRIDE of our brand values.

Our Vision - is a world where digital payments and transactions are trusted, protected and secured through iris recognition, especially for the most vulnerable.

Our Mission - is to provide the unbanked with dignified, secured and cost-effecive financial inclusion platforms powered by our innovative iris recognition technology.


Brand Values – PRIDE


We have the energy, drive and attitude to never give up


We put human dignity, care and compassion into everything we do


We have the courage and conviction to pioneer the future


We create, originate and construct to the highest standards


We continuously strive to go above and beyond to exceed expectations