Trusted Biometric Identity Systems and POS Solutions

  • Iris authenticated aid payments value USD$ 1.2bn per year = 9.3% of global aid
  • Banking institutions across 7 - countries Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt and East Timor
  • Financial switch integration with 5 systems incl. Temenos T24, Infosys Finacle, ICS BANKS and SmartVista
  • Project Management Services
  • Integration Services
  • Implementation and Delivery Services
  • Maintenance and Support Services
  • Training Services

IrisGuard's Biometric Identity Systems

Registration and verification service


Registration and an identity verification platform, powered by our iris recognition technology



ID verification and payment authentication, for integration with existing payment systems and iris databases securing the last mile of financial transactions

Connecting multiple Payers and Service Providers

EyePay® Network

Integrated software and hardware payment platform, built for targeted assistance distribution using the human iris

Delivering key benefits in the humanitarian aid, payments and security sectors

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Award winning, gold standard biometric systems for many settings

We design, develop and manufacture state-of-the-art iris capture devices and realtime biometric software in the UK

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Our biometric identity systems are suitable for new database registration including utilisation of existing iris images. These biometric systems enable the provision of services and payments that require proof-of-life to ensure accuracy and accountability. Speak to our team about your requirements and challenges or get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of a biometric identification system.