We actively work towards achieving sustainable food security among the poor, vulnerable and displaced populations across the world and are signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Latest analysis of trends that drive humanitarian needs in 2023 produced by OCHA provides a comprehensive overview the situation.

We are a trusted and established provider of humanitarian and social protection assistance payments platform utilised by the UNHCR, World Food Programme, UNICEF, Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children and others, processing over USD$ 1.3 Billion worth of aid assistance per year with our iris recognition system.

Our patented iris recognition technology is an innovative Secure Financial Delivery platform that utilises EyeBank® registration platform & EyeCloud® payment authentication platform for a secure delivery of financial services to the world’s unbanked.

We've enabled digital ID registration, verification and subsequent aid cash cardless withdrawals via ATMs since 2008, Blockchain transfers, mobile money, remittances and replaced food vouchers in supermarkets. We are proud to be serving over 5.8 million beneficiaries, who's entitlements and identities are protected by their eyes.

Increasing financial inclusion for refugees

Cash & salary payments

We connect with merchant networks including banks, post offices & remittance agents connecting aid agencies and disaster funds to multiple distribution points, whilst rapidly utilising the same systems.

Approximately 400 Syrian refugees have been receiving their salary in cash at the refugee-based supermarkets, using their eyes since 2018.

Mobile money

Our system integrates with mobile wallets to enabline beneficiaries to receive cash via mobile money agents.

The introduction of iris recognition improves identification accuracy, efficiency and speed without the need for any other ID documentation.

Groceries purchase

Beneficiaries have been purchasing their groceries by using just their iris, without pre-paid bank cards, tokens or bank accounts.

The World Food Program introduced Building Blocks where the EyePay® Secure Financial Delivery platforms was integrated with Ethereum as a cryptocurrency to provide transparency in blockchain transactions.

Card verification

Regular payments are often dependant on the verification of pre-paid cards provided by the UN agencies / NGOs.

Cards can be forged, stolen or lost and our solutions are utilised for regular authentication that the card belongs to the right person, in order to continue with the provision of aid/services.

Partnership with the UNHCR & Cairo Amman Bank

Iris ATM Cash Out

  • 40,000 households
  • 289 iris scanners utilised within the banking enviroment (ATM & teller)
  • 120 ATM locations in Jordan
  • Provisioned to serve the Palestinian community across 30 locations supported by 121 iris scanners

This solution has been extensively used by the UNHCR, WFP, UN Women and dozens of NGOs and retail banks since 2013 across the Middle East as a targeted delivery platform of financial aid to millions of refugees and unbanked populations, processing more than US$ 1.3 billion per annum.

Refugees are able to walk up to an IrisGuard-enabled EyeCash® ATM, present their eye and effortlessly withdraw their allocated cash subsidies instantaneously. The EyeCash® novel solution was selected based on the request from the aid agency in order to provide a dignified, fast, simple and rigorous method of cash delivery to financially include refugees.

Partnership with the UNHCR, WFP & UN Women

Salary Cash Out

  • Utilised by 1000 beneficiaries
  • Processing USD$ 90,000 per month
  • Across 3 location
  • Supported by 24 iris devices integrated with point of sale system

Approximately 400 Syrian refugees have been receiving their salary in cash at the refugee-based supermarkets, using their eyes since 2018.

Our system provides privacy, security, dignity and helps reduce the gender gap as UN Women beneficiaries are able to collect their salaries in a way of cash, which enables them prioritise what their salaries are best utilised for. There is no need to provide the till operator with any other ID, they are given a printed receipt and the transaction is instantly recorded on the Blockchain for total transparency, therefore their anonymity is ensured throughout the whole distribution process.


Partnership with the UNHCR, NassWallet & Zain Cash

Mobile money transfer for refugees in need

  • 280,000 beneficiaries
  • 120 fixed locations
  • Supported by 120 EyePay® phone iris devices

The integration has enabled a regular verified disbursement of humanitarian cash assistance, provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to over 280,000 refugees who have fled to Iraq due to neighbouring conflicts.

Refugees are now able to easily and securely withdraw aid cash, using only their eyes as their unique identifier to the wallet. Biometric authentication for ensuring 100% proof of presence removes the need for any other form of ID such as PIN, card or ID documents. This anchor authentication is fast becoming a popular way for wallet security, accepted by users in both the developed and the developing worlds.

Uninterrupted aid distribution during Covid-19

During this global pandemic lockdown, IrisGuard’s contact-free iris recognition technology enabled uninterrupted distribution of cash assistance whilst ensuring Covid-19 social distancing rules are adhered to and importantly, without the need to remove protective gloves or facial masks.

We enabled door-to-door deliveries of cash within refugee camps via our EyePay® mobile device and Zain Cash mobile wallet, we’ve enabled mobile ATMs built into vans which were able to dispense aid cash to the community in locations restricted due to the lockdown.

Fixed locations such as supermarkets within refugee camps and post offices providing cash payments and verification services are operational because there is no physical contact with the equipment and the beneficiaries.

The UNHCR has successfully and effortlessly enrolled over 2.8 million refugees displaced throughout the neighbouring countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Turkey) using IrisGuard’s iris scanners.

  • Regular aid payments with over 25.2m transactions
  • Utilised by 40+ aid agencies
  • Enabling targeted transfer of food, non food, food voucher assistance, medical care, remittances

Refugees are able to walk up to IrisGuard-enabled ATMs, present their eye and effortlessly withdraw their allocated cash subsidies provided by various international NGOs as well as the UNHCR at one cash out point.

The EyeCloud® solution was selected based on the request from the aid agency in order to provide a dignified, fast, simple and rigorous method of cash delivery to financially include refugees.

Partnership with the World Food Programme

Grocery purchase on the Blockchain

  • Utilised by 112,000 beneficaries per month
  • Via 50 EyePay stations
  • Across 3 refugee camps (Zaatary, Azraq and KAP:King Abdulla Park)
  • 250,000+ transactions per month
  • Authenticating food aid worth USD$ 3,500,000+ per month

The World Food Programme has deployed our iris recognition technology in supermarkets within refugee camps enabling Syrian refugees to redeem their monthly food assistance instead of using a prepaid electronic card at the checkout counters.

In 2017, IrisGuard’s enhanced its EyeCloud® platform to include the innovative and emerging Blockchain technology called the Building Blocks, the largest ethereum private humanitarian blockchain.

Integrated with our software and hardware, it passes the identifier number returned by the iris scan, therefore removing the need for a private key to be presented.

Partnerships with Catholic Relief Services - Jordan Post - Liban Post - Egypt Post

Card verification

  • Pre-paid cards / aid valued at USD$ 138 million per annum
  • Serving 85,000+ households
  • Utilising 461 devices
  • Covering 293 locations

We work with a number of Post Offices across the Middle East in partnership with the UNHCR, WFP & CRS to verify pre-paid cards, which Syrian refugees living in Jordan receive from the World Food Programme to purchase groceries to feed their families.

Our system provides 100% accurate proof-of-life to ensure that the card belongs to the person receiving the assistance. The process is completed in real-time and removes the need for the agency staff to check any other documentation hence increasing speed at which aid is delivered.


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Our systems are suitable for new database registration including utilising of existing iris images, and for provision of services and payments that require an accurate proof-of-life to ensure accuracy and accountability. Speak to our team about your requirements and challenges or get in touch to arrange a free, non-obligatory system demo.