EyePay® Network - uniform portal connecting multiple Payers with multiple Financial Service Providers

The EyePay® Network is an integrated software and hardware payment payment platform, built for targeted assistance distribution. This enables organisations to manage multiple beneficiary lists and reach more beneficiaries through a network of approved cash-out agents/FSPs such as banks, post offices, money exchangers, supermarkets and wallets.

Key features include a uniform portal with live reporting and distribution monitoring, pre-approved exchange rates and the ability to consolidate all FSP transactions from different agents in real-time.

It offers the flexibility to instantly programme any type of assistance, including:

  • Cash
  • Wallets
  • CVA
  • Salary assurance
  • Food
  • Goods
  • Health services

Powered by our 100% accurate iris recognition software and hardware, it requires only one biometric registration, as the human iris is stable for life.

This revolutionary payment platform has been developed to run the whole ecosystem including:

  • Payers e.g. NGOs or UN agencies
  • Service Providers e.g. banks, money exchanger, switch – financial processor licence
  • Iris Trust Authorities - responsible for the ownership of each disbursement programme
  • Beneficiaries 

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Innovative payment platform enabling targeted distribution of aid, salaries and social support

Transforming How Assistance is Delivered

The EyePay® Network takes away the complexity of distributing funding from donors to beneficiaries. Payments are transferred to the right people with unprecedented accountability and transparency at every stage.

Key Benefits of Our Biometric Payment Solutions

The EyePay® Network is the world’s only payment processing platform specifically designed for digital ID management and subsequent delivery of humanitarian and social protection assistance. The biometric payment platform creates powerful trust in the aid distribution process which is invaluable to donors for securing future funding.

Our use of advanced iris recognition technology to trigger transactions at thousands of cash-out and service points ensures a convenient, contact-free, dignified and efficient approach to delivering assistance. This innovative yet established and trusted technology already serves over 5.6m beneficiaries worldwide.

EyePay® Network has one uniform interface which connects payers and service providers to deliver a range of services. This removes the laborious and lengthy process of recruiting and setting up service providers. In addition, it supports many types of assistance, in any currency, including cash-based transfers, in-kind food assistance and healthcare services.

EyePay® Network allows a post-disbursement payment model that is beneficial for your cash flow. This means instant settlement of funds once disbursement is complete, ensuring financial resilience and larger coverage without relying on a single service provider. 

Why join the EyePay® Network biometric payment platform


  • Can distribute CVA, social protection, food and non-food items, health and medical services 
  • Choice of  service providers in different areas in and outside of country, with less dependency on a single SP
  • Flexibility to support multimodal assistance including mobile wallets through one portal
  • Consistent, robust and easy to use interface for all service providers
  • Streamlined assistance list loading with the ability to add / remove beneficiary on a 'live' list, no need to re-upload
  • Fully configurable download of aggregated payment information for each service providers and for each assistance list
  • Beneficiary can access a variety of service providers (bank, mobile money, money exchange, post office, shops)
  • Beneficiary can get aid from up to four different payers, all on one receipt


  • Payer-approved set exchange rate ($USD default currency)
  • Pre and post-paid charging model
  • Split or float a payment list among different service providers
  • Download payment instructions into own systems
  • Service providers and payer can have accounts in different banks (IBAN) = Switch
  • No minimum payment transfer/distribution value
  • No minimum payment transfer/distribution frequency
  • Flexible length of payment cycle
  • No penalty for changes
  • No subscription required
  • Consolidate all service providers' payment orders in real-time
  • Track/calculate fees for every delivery
  • Full real-time transactional audit trail


  • Ensuring assistance is delivered to the rightful beneficiary, eliminating duplicate payments and double-dipping
  • Providing accurate proof-of-life utilising only the beneficiary's iris to ensure compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF)
  • Eliminating the time-consuming process of bank enrolment and issuance of a card or PIN, creating significant savings on operational costs and associated overhead
  • Real-time audit trail tracking of funds at every stage of the process, whilst removing the burden of proof-of-delivery from field staff


  • Hosted on your own Microsoft Azure UK
  • Central control of all devices
  • Data stored within each country
  • No data sharing, as all information including the PID and the value of the assistance remain completely anonymous to the service providers
  • Transactions/transfers/payments are triggered when the beneficiary is verified via an IrisGuard-installed POS at the location of their choice, which is the first and only time where the service provider will have any interaction with the value being distributed and any relevant information, which can remain anonymous
  • Unlimited expandability and availability 24/7, 365 days a year


  • SMS available to send notifications to beneficiaries, at a discounted bulk rate price
  • Provide beneficiary with options of locations including map showing closest ATM (Smartphone required)
  • Alert service for all EyePay® Network partners providing instant notification of any issues




  • Enables deployment without an upfront investment
  • Fee paid per transaction
  • Support fee payable
  • Client owns licence and equipment at the end of the contract
  • Data owned and controlled by client at all times


  • Upfront payment for immediate enrolment / database (licence) ownership
  • Support fee payable
  • Equipment ownership transfer to client at the end of the contract
  • Data owned and controlled by client at all times

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Our market-leading biometric payment solutions include a variety of state-of-the-art iris scanners and imagers.