USD $ 1.2 billion processed aid value per year = 9.3% global aid

Value, goods & services delivery powered by iris recognition

The EyeCloud® is a secure and encrypted network connection that can be used to instantly authenticate identity without sharing any personal or biometric data with other agencies or service providers.

Our suite of software comprises of all the required components an NGO, Governmental organisation or Financial Service Provider (FSP) would need to distribute CVA (cash & voucher assistance), goods or services to a large volume of new users, typically the un(der)banked in a dignified way - currently processing USD$ 1.3 billion worth of humanitarian funding on an annual basis.

An API with built-in features, or built bespoke for a client, it enables your developers to be connected to any Microsoft Windows 10 x64 or Android systems.

It enables real-time provision of biometrically authenticated services and authorisation of payments across a variety of use cases within a variety of settings. The EyeCloud® platform can be hosted on the Cloud, facilitating ID without frontiers.

It comes supplied with our world-renowned iris scanners, installed, set up and supported 24/7 by our technical support, which comes as standard with all our packages ensuring our distinguished and reliable service.

How to utilise EyeCloud®

    • CVA (cash & voucher assistance)
    • Food assistance
    • Pension and social protection payments
    • Housing benefits
    • Healthcare services
    • Education services
    • Childcare support
EyeCloud® software suite
EyeCloud® software suite

EyeCloud® software suite

A suite of powerful client-server software components designed and built to achieve unmatched performance, scalability and real-time authentication.

EyeCloud® for KYC assurance

We provide an alternative KYC solution where traditional ID credentials required to open a bank account are not available.

We have integrated with merchant networks, mobile wallets, post offices and banking institutions across Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria as well as five financial switch systems incl. MEPS, T24 and SmartVista.

Our iris POS beneficiary authentication technology has entered the mainstream retail banking industry as the preferred payment method, securely authenticating online and offline transactions with 100% SLAs. Banks, post offices, supermarkets and money exchangers benefit from real-time authorisation of payments and low operational costs.

Support organisations benefit from eliminated ID related fraud and FSPs enjoy reduced costs associated with managing cards, PIN numbers, private crypto keys whilst enabling their beneficiaries to protect their entitlements.

Our partners in the payments industry are now leading the way in innovation, attracting new funding from donors who require accountability in assistance delivery.

Data Protection and Security

The security of the entire system is protected by the cloud based EyeCloud® Manager.

This allows the system to provide extensive variable parameters for the control of queries to the iris templates and the function and availability of the system in the field.

It is fully scalable to multi-million records with each client system operating independently and capable of allowing federated support for third parties to take advantage of iris verif ication under the control of the master client. This data access can also be customised to only allow specific information, or fully anonymised, to be passed through the system. 

Report queries can also be generated and supplied direct and automatically or client can have specic portal access.

Explore our Devices

We design, develop and manufacture a variety of state-of-the-art iris capture devices in the UK