WFP Lebanon verify cash cards subsidized by the UNHCR, WFP and UNICEF to support their refugees who are able to use it for withdrawing cash at ATMs or as a payment method in supermarkets. They needed an identification and a verification biometric solution in order to verify both the cash cards as well as the beneficiaries. This is to ensure that the right entitlement is distributed to those who are entitled to it.

Large scale and unprecedented crisis with influx of refugees in Lebanon

WFP Lebanon support refugees who are in need of humanitarian aid and they have found themselves in unprecedented social, economic and environmental crisis due to the large influx of Syrian refugees. In the midst of this turmoil, and in line with one of its CSR pillars namely “Economic Inclusion”, Liban Post signed several MOU’s with various authorities, NGO’s and international organizations in this unique and creative approach for a postal establishment.

Biometric verification solution was required to increase speed, efficiency and to provide 100% accuracy in the verification of refugees. This is to remove any potential duplication and identity card fraud, ensuring that aid is provided to those who are entitled to it and with complete dignity.

Streamlined process restoring dignity & financial inclusion

Liban Post has responded swiftly by recognizing the need to install the latest technology which will guarantee accuracy, speed and privacy for their beneficiaries who need to be verified in order to receive food vouchers from WFP Lebanon.

Our Eye Verification System has been integrated at 139 locations and connects to UNHCR's EyeCloud® in order to accurately verify the individual and the card. The operator receives a result of the card check in real-time. Confirmation slip is printed and a copy is provided to the beneficiary.

The whole process happens in a space of a few seconds, providing staff in branch with an immediate response and enabling them to be more efficient whilst providing a good service to the beneficiaries. See how it works

  • Beneficiaries: 1.1 Million
  • Value of assistance authorised for processing: $360 Million
  • No of locations: 139
  • 100% accurate proof-of-life
  • Identity fraud elimination
  • Efficiency, speed & immediate response
  • Online & operations
  • Protection of their personal entitlement
  • Speed of receiving food aid
  • Dignity
  • Privacy