The robust digital identity provided by iris recognition is a key enabler of access to services.

Our iris recognition services enable timely and coordinated assistance disbursement to increase financial inclusion and support developing economies. IrisGuard has more than 20 years of experience in ID management and transactions authentication, outside of traditional payment systems.


100% Service Level Agreements backed up by a financial guarantee

Our Iris Recognition Services

With our iris recognition services you will benefit from flexible payment models and tailored solutions based on your project’s requirements.

As standard, our iris recognition service includes:

  • Project management
  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Training

Iris recognition to register and authenticate identity and avoid payment duplication

Our iris recognition services ensure assistance is paid to the right person through a bank, mobile wallet or merchant, without the need for payment cards.

Iris recognition eliminates identity fraud at point of withdrawal or disbursement which avoids duplication of assistance.

Bank fees are significantly reduced, and payments can be scaled up or down with complete flexibility. Our iris recognition services provide complete funding accountability through real-time reporting on how much assistance has been delivered.

Using human iris recognition provides KYC assurance with 100% accurate proof-of-life - no other ID documentation is required. Our iris recognition services also ensure that the disbursement process is anonymous and beneficiary’s identities are protected.

An interoperable system to integrate with our existing database/FSP

Our APIs are designed to bring applications together (identity, financial and transactional) in order to perform designed functions. These integrated actions are built around controlled data access and executing pre-defined and authorised processes.

Our iris recognition system is compatible with both Android and Windows applications and we provide:

  • Web-based, native and embedded software and system server
  • Server design including cores, engines, CPU and capacity for scalability of your existing or anticipated iris database and its usage
  • Wincor NDC protocol integration for ATMs, kiosks and mobile branch banking services
  • PCI – Security Standards Council for EFTPOS merchant terminal integration
  • Tethering and secure NFC and Bluetooth integration for iris recognition to the majority of Android, Microsoft Windows and proprietary POS devices in retail settings
  • ISO 20022 and ISO 8583 interbank and merchant messaging integration
  • Offline systems with deduplication capabilities

Onboard, verify and transfer assistance offline

Our iris recognition platform has the functionality to operate both in an online and an offline mode. Offline onboarding and authentication is available using our EyePay®Phone of up to 10,000 iris records which can be stored on the device.

It has full compliance to PAD (Presentation Attack Detection) ISO 30107-3 Level 1 testing, performed independently by iBeta labs in the USA.

The EyePay®Phone allows for subsequent deduplication of all offline-enrolled irises, allowing it to sync up with an EyeCloud® once the phone is connected to the internet.

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