One of the World’s Most Innovative Biometric Technology Companies

Founded in 2001, IrisGuard specialises in delivering ground-breaking iris recognition solutions.

As one of the leading biometric technology companies, our identity verification solutions have been used at border security and also for the distribution of humanitarian aid:

  • When deployed at border control in UAE airports, over a period of 3,273 days, our iris recognition systems identified over 650,000 individuals who were not permitted to enter the country
  • Our hardware, software and APIs have facilitated the distribution of humanitarian aid to millions of vulnerable and unbanked people globally, with USD$ 1.2 billion processed annually 

Early on, we understood that the requirements for ID management of mass populations in operationally challenging circumstances would require a complete end-to-end offering. Our engineering approach to iris recognition demands the creation of a complex yet robust data architecture in the back end. This is combined with state-of-the art devices to ensure our success and maintain our leadership in this space, more than two decades on.

We spearheaded the biometric sphere with: 

  • the first iris recognition platforms in border control
  • the first iris-enabled ATM
  • the first iris-enabled supermarket POS
  • being the first of the biometric software companies to secure Blockchain authentication by replacing the cryptic key with an iris
  • the first company to launch iris-verified payments via a mobile device

A Leader of Biometric Technology Companies 

We have established ourselves as a trusted provider of identity solutions for the management of large populations in diverse and challenging environments.

We supply a full-service solution for a variety of settings, including: 

  • national security and border control
  • cash/food/non-food humanitarian aid transfers
  • Government-to-citizen social protection provision, mobile money and pension payments

We are proud to work with United Nations agencies such as the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP). We also partner with many national government and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) around the world, in addition to a large number of retail banks across the Middle East.

We work with banks and financial institutions across Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt and East Timor. We have also integrated with five financial switch systems including Temenos T24, Infosys Finacle, ICS BANKS and SmartVista.

IrisGuard is ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Who We Are

Our multinational and diverse team is located at HQ in Milton Keynes in the UK, where our engineers focus on Research & Development of our hardware. Our regional office in Amman, Jordan, hosts our expert software developers and our operations team, including our field-based staff. We are joined by business development and marketing across both regions as well as in Washington D.C., USA.

The team behind our international biometric technology company builds upon the trusted relationships we have established with key humanitarian donors, United Nations agencies and international NGOs.

Our Innovation - Delivering Many of the World’s Firsts

2001 Iris-border control system
2008 Iris-ATM using only the eye
2013 Iris-ATM cash assistance for UNHCR Refugees
2015 Iris-food payments in WFP supermarkets
2017 Iris-Blockchain deployment
2019 EyePay Phone global launch
Cash aid distribution via a mobile wallet
2020 Offline mode launches with EyePay Phone
Door to door cash and food distribution
The EyePay® Network payment platform launch



We enable easier, faster and more dignified access to financial services for the unbanked

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The human iris is the most accurate human identifier available today. With iris recognition technology, we verify one individual out of millions in real-time - without cards, PIN numbers, private keys or bank accounts. 

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We can authenticate financial transactions in less than three seconds. This removes the complexity of distributing cash assistance to beneficiaries and stretches funding further by eliminating identity-related fraud.

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100% Accurate proof-of-life

We enable our partners to distribute goods and services to beneficiaries with complete accountability. Transparency is increasingly in demand, by international humanitarian aid donors. Beneficiaries' entitlements are protected through iris verification as proof-of-life.

Client Testimonials

"The beneficiary receives aid faster, in privacy and with dignity. The donors are assured complete accountability ……… IrisGuard targeted aid distribution platform eliminates fraud, reduces bank fees, increases efficiency and allows more beneficiaries to receive the aid they so desperately need."

Steven Choka, UNHCR Cash-based Interventions Officer


"...our collaboration with UNHCR and IrisGuard allows us to return greater dignity, privacy and ensure financial inclusion of vulnerable people throughout Iraq...”

Yazen Altimimi, Zain Cash CEO


"UNHCR has been utilising iris scan technology to facilitate assistance in the MENA region - in Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt - and it has proven to be a most effective and efficient channel."

Ayman Gharaibeh, UNHCR Iraq Representative


"Today, Jordan is bringing iris recognition for channeling assistance to refugees."

H.M. King Abdullah II, King of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Supporting Academic and Research Institutions

We have built long-standing and strong relationships with a number of academic bodies including:

  • Cambridge University, UK
  • Bath University, UK 
  • Reading University, UK
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland 
  • Clarkson University, USA
  • University of Notre Dame, USA
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

We work closely with any academic institution with research projects on iris recognition and, as a matter of policy, we provide them with required hardware at subsidised or free pricing to help them achieve their objectives.

Find out more

As one of the leading biometric software companies, our systems are suitable for new database registration including using existing iris images. They are designed to facilitate a range of humanitarian aid and assistance services that require an accurate proof-of-life to ensure accuracy and accountability. Speak to our team about your requirements and challenges or get in touch to arrange a free, non-obligatory system demo.