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We defined the iris recognition industry


Iris recognition technology is accepted and proven to be the most accurate biomeric technology available today.

We have to date processed over 163 Trillion cross matches at 0% error rate, that means no false matches and no false identification.

Iris recognition system is 100% accurate way of providing an irrefutable proof-of-life.

A single iris contains more information than 10 fingerprints combined. It cannot be stolen, duplicated, forged, lost or traded.

Iris vs other biometrics

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A single iris contains more information than 10 fingerprints combined

  • 1:1,000 chance of false positive result
  • Iris does not suffer wear-and-tear due to environmental elements
  • Contact-free nature of iris recognition makes it hygienic and significantly reduces the chance of transmission of communicable diseases
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Face has lack of sufficient biometric information for 1- millions identification

  • 1:50,000 chance of a false positive result
  • Face does not provide enough information to distinguish one person from millions with 100% certainty in real time
  • Facial recognition is affected by mask wearing thus decreasing accuracy
  • Iris recognition is contact-free, non-invasive, hygienic, dignified and appropriate for all cultures and ethnicities without removing face coverings
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Your card does not guarantee it is you

  • While cards are secure they can be sold or traded creating ghost beneficiaries
  • Cards cost money to produce and maintain (PIN numbers distribution and maintenance)
  • Cards are not durable, particularly in challenging environments

No other ID token required

Extremely secure and trusted

Our iris recognition provides individuals and families with a 100% accurate, secure, fraudproof digital identity in the absence of traditional ID documentation or chip and PIN number cards.

It is more secure and effective than a password-based system because it is inherently harder to deceive.

The disadvantage of using a pasword/PIN system is that they are difficult to remember, one tends to write them down and that means someone can steal them. With the iris system, no one can steal your iris and only your iris will unlock and authorise transactions.

Increasing efficiencies and serving more people

Fast and convenient

Speed and convenience are some of the main benefits for utilising iris recognition for a verification on a one-to-many basis.

The process of acquiring two photographs of the eyes, computations and a verification are completed at high speed of less than three seconds, even on a 2G signal.

Customers' feedback has shown an inspiring fondness of our systems across both outdoor ATM and teller inside a bank settings, with over 94% of the participants indicating their satisfaction with using our technology.

Contact-free verification

Safe & Hygienic

Iris recognition is a contact-free technology. The person looks at the imager from a distance of 30 cm and the imager takes a photograph of the iris and anayzes it to produce a special iris print used for identification. Due to the contact-free nature of the technology, no communicable diseases can be transmitted from one person to another.

There are no health risks associated with iris recognition. Iris recognition technology simply uses a video imager to take a high-resolution grayscale pictures of the eye. All IrisGuard imagers are FCC and CE compliant and approved to meet international eye safety standards, including ANSI/EISNA RP27.1-96 and IEC 60825-1.2-2021.

Iris is stable for life

Enrol only once

Because the iris pattern remains stable from approximately 18 months of age until end of life unlike other biometrics. Iris recognition systems require one-time enrolment only.

The Clarkson University has recently published their conclusions reached in their study in IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (Iris Recognition Performance in Children: A Longitudinal Study)

Automated proof of delivery with full audit trail

Accountability & Efficiency

More Governments and aid agencies need to support a growing number of people in and outside of the humanitarian aid context, including Government to Citizen services. Accountability and transparency has been increasing demand by donors who need assurance that funding is being delivered to the right people, those entitled to it.

Our partners benefit from significant savings due to streamlined operations, one-time only enrolment & ID fraud elimination whilst delivering complete accountability to their donors, thanks to 100% verification accuracy and real-time delivery reporting facility.

Alternative KYC solution

Digital inclusion means financial inclusion

We have revolutionised the way that identities and payments are authenticated through increasing digital inclusion for vulnerable populations on a large scale by digitising humans and providing them with a digital identity, which is protected and controlled by their eyes.

Our systems have a direct impact on increasing financial inclusion by providing access to financial services for the unbanked with an alternative solution to compliance with KYC criteria.

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