World's first ATM iris scanner


IrisGuard's EyeCash® iris scanner is designed and built to work seamlessly with any ATM cash machine.

The EyeCash® is ­fitted with pristine optics, advanced electronic circuitry and slim body motors that can either be retro­fitted onto an existing ATM or embedded within.

The EyeCash® deploys bespoke anti-glare ­filters that are specially designed to fuether reduce the effects of sunlight and reflection that can appear on the eye’s surface during normal, outdoor ATM operations.

  • Uses a powered USB hub (supplies power and passes USB through to computer)
  • Capture range of 260mm to 350mm (from front of camera)
  • Dual speakers
  • Comes with a fixed and an adjustable bracket mount
  • Other mount options available for purchase

Where the EyeCash® is currently deployed

EyeCash® in action

Identity verification & humanitarian cash distribution

Monthly cash aid transfers supporting 60,000 households

900 cameras across 300 locations (CAB Jordan)

30 cameras across 140 locations (CAB Palestine)

Provisioned to serve the Palestinian community across 121 locations


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