Proof-of-life for real time access to Governmental services and welfare payments


Social protection systems such as welfare benefit payments, food aid and social housing play a critical role in helping people climb out of poverty, however benefit fraud is a problem for many Governments, costing billions in identity related fraud and double-dipping as a result.

Our iris recognition system secures digital ID for homeless and vulnerable populations who do not have ID documents, ensuring that they have access to healthcare and other available services whilst eliminating double-dipping and ghosting.

Designed and targeted to reach the furthest number of people and countries and address crisis wherever this may occur,  this goes hand in hand with the targets set by the UN and the GSMA Mobile Connect/M4H/Tech for Good policies for mobility of financial inclusion and identity verification for social benefits and services.

Iris recognition as a service

Stretching funding further

We work with Governments across the Middle East and Africa on developing systems, which would federate a unique digital identity to provide their citizens with access to large number of Governmental services.

These services would include the verification and authentication of a person’s digital identity for a secure access to land deeds, driving licences and more with an iris scan for a 100% proof of life.

Utilising the human iris as the most accurate identifier available today, beneficiaries are able to use a bespoke application, with access to a range of key services 24/7 due to our ability to provide an irrefutable proof-of-life in real time.

Unique identity for acces to multiple Government services

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Pension payments

Real-time proof of life verification enables multiple applications of identity management, provision of Government services and securing the last mile of payments, eliminating identity fraud and reducing costs in cross-departmental processes.

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Social protection payments

Social protection payments are a lifeline for vulnerable and deprived populations, particularly in developing countries where they help people escape poverty.

Lack of traditional identification documents can be a real barrier in accessing help that they are entitled to. Digital identity protected by a robust biometric system is a key enabler in targeted distribution of social protection programs.

Disability cash transfers

Governmental programs to support disadvantaged and disabled citizens with cash transfers enable those that are entitled with crucial assistance, however it is important that those programs are inclusive and accessible by those who they have been designed for.

Our technology enables every beneficiary to chose their designated collector, who are able to register their iris with the relevant Governmental agency or chosen service provider and collect assistance on behalf of the beneficiary, utilising only their iris which is linked to the beneficiary's account.

Migrant settlement and support

Robust, safe and secure biometric systems are key for an efficient and effective management of migrant populations and for empowering them to become part of the society and economy.

Correct identification of individuals who often lack appropriate ID documentation is crucial in order to deliver protection programs quickly and accurately, to those who are entitled to it as well as enabling registration of IDPs, passport issue management, health services and education registration.

Partnership with Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MODEE) Jordan

e-Government Digital Services

  • Across 100 x Jordan Post branches
  • Utilising 25 x EyePay® Phones & 162 x EyeHood® iris cameras

Our mobile & portable devices are utilised to activate eGovernment Sanad application for access to advanced citizen digital service provided by the Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MODEE) Jordan.

Now deployed at Queen Alia International Airport (Arrivals service kiosks) and Jordan Post, enabling millions of citizens across the country to use our iris technology for activating their eGovernment Sanad App.

Jordanians over 18 years old are now able to download the Sanad App from Google Play or Apple AppStore, register and activate the app at any Jordan Post branch or any of the MODEE portable stations. They will obtain their PKI eSignatue, using only their eyes. First country to do this ensuring 100% accuracy and safety.

Partnership with the UNHCR & Egypt Post

Pension payments

  • Supporting 14,000 beneficiaries
  • Value of assistance processed USD$ 11+ Million per annum
  • Across 54 locations
  • Utilising 70 of IrisGuard scanners

IrisGuard has integrated with Egypt Post as part of its partnership with the UNHCR to enable targeted and verified distribution of humanitarian assistance on behalf of the UNHCR, Plan International and Catholic Relief Services. This project covers 90% of the refugee population in this region.


Partnership with the Iraq E-Gate & Rasheed Bank

Pension payments

  • Serving 210,000 pensioners
  • Processing USD$ 550 million per annum
  • Across 39 fixed locations
  • Utilising 122 iris scanners

Since the pension law in Iraq allows a person to receive pension salaries from multiple institutions, the army, the government and Hash Shaabi etc., it has become challenging to ensure that there is an adequate proof-of-life system in place which is required for an accurate and targeted pension distribution.


Partnership with UNHCR & International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Migrants management

IrisGuard, in cooperation with UNHCR, has been working with the IOM in Jordan to facilitate the migration of 149,000 refugees to resettlement countries since 2013.

Following the directions of the UNHCR and IOM, we have equipped IOM’s offices in Jordan with IrisGuard's imagers and EyeCloud® components, which are integrated within the UNHCR’s RAIS application.

Whenever a UNHCR registered beneficiary visits the IOM office to apply for migration, the IOM officer can scan the beneficiary’s irises to pull his or her records from the UNHCR, in compliance with the Data Sharing Agreement signed by the two parties. By scanning the irises, the IOM obtains the required information in few seconds, shortening the registration process and ensuring the accuracy of the beneficiary's identity and data.

Adding the unique and specialized EyePay® Phone, released in 2019, to this ecosystem has vastly expanded the opportunity for cross-border portability and very easy rapid shipment and deployment in any country the IOM operates within.

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Our systems are suitable for new database registration including utilising of existing iris images, and for provision of services and payments that require an accurate proof-of-life to ensure accuracy and accountability. Speak to our team about your requirements and challenges or get in touch to arrange a free, non-obligatory system demo.