Integrated iris registration and authentication system

We have established ourselves as a trusted provider of iris recognition technology. Our identity solutions are designed to be deployed across large populations and in operationally challenging environments.

Iris recognition technology enhances financial inclusion: one digital identity can provide access to a variety of services. We supply biometric identity verification solutions for a range of industry sectors, including:

  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Financial Services
  • Government-to-Citizen Services
  • Healthcare Services

Robust biometric authentication is key to ensuring that identity-related fraud is eliminated. Removing ghost beneficiaries and streamlining processes between different departments or organisations also reduces processing time, removes the need for re-enrolment and eliminates duplication.

Industries we work with

Financial Services

Identity and authenticated customer data are the foundations for increasing financial inclusion for the unbanked. We provide FSPs with an alternative KYC compliance solution, enabling them to grow their customer base. We connect with merchant networks including banks, post offices, remittance agents and mobile wallets, linking aid agencies with multiple service providers and ensuring compliance with KYC.

Government to Citizen Services


Iris recognition provides single identity assurance for access to e-Governmental services with 100% accurate proof-of-life. This eliminates identity fraud and reduces costs in cross-departmental processes.

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Insurance


Accurate patient identification is instrumental in managing health services and providing the appropriate treatment. It is also key for dispensing high-risk medication and importantly, patient control of their own medical records, often required for health insurance enrolment.

Faster software integration & cost control

Our APIs are designed to bring identity, financial and transactional applications together in order to provide controlled data access and execute predefined and authorised processes

Our devices link to the private EyeCloud® platform, with flexibility to host database inside or outside of country

The onboarding process can be tailored to meet specific business requirements

Our services

  • Project Management
  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Support (onsite and remote)
  • Software Updates
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Consumables
  • Training


Open up a range of new service delivery opportunities

Iris recognition technology to increase financial inclusion

  • One-time-only registration process tailored to suit your requirements is quick and easy
  • Utilising the iris only, replacing other ID tokens such as payment cards, identity cards or passports
  • Verified onboarding eliminating duplication
  • Integrate with existing biometric databases & payment platforms

Is iris recognition technology the solution for you? Find out more

Iris recognition technology is suitable for new database registration, including utilising existing iris images, and for provision of services and payments that require an accurate proof-of-life to ensure accuracy and accountability.

We offer tailored solutions for a range of sectors - call us on +44 1908 991 683 to discuss your specific requirements and challenges. Alternatively, please get in touch to arrange a no-obligation demonstration of our iris recognition systems.