IrisGuard realises and supports the importance of helping to achieve achieving sustainable food security in order to end hunger, particularly among the poor, vulnerable and displaced populations.

Over the past 8 years we have worked with the UNHCR and WFP to build, install, deploy, monitor and expand our EyeCloud® system to increase inclusion for refugees. Over $450m per annum in value has been made available just for usage within refugee camps supermarkets. In the last year alone, we have processed over $1.2b of humanitarian value, serving over 2.7m beneficiaries on a daily basis.

Door-to-door WFP food delivery during Covid-19

Since the Syrian crisis began 10 years ago, the WFP has been supporting more than 100,000 Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan, providing them with a secure and fast method of paying for groceries using just their eyes without cards, vouchers or any other ID token. This solution saves significantly on standard banking transaction fees, allowing more funds to be made available to those entitled to them.

Due to the current pandemic, WFP required a hygienic and safe identification and aid transfer solution to ensure that food distribution can continue for around 2,500 beneficiaries isolating due to Covid-19, and who cannot visit the on-camp supermarkets of Safeway and Tazweed.

Iris recognition enables safe and accurate food deliveries for refugees in quarantine

Integrated with WFP’s blockchain Building Blocks, our contact-free EyePay® mobile device was utilised to authorise and process the aid transfer by connecting with the Building Blocks blockchain database to debit the bill from the beneficiaries account.

A supermarket employee arrives with the EyePay® iris mobile device phone, proceeds with an iris scan at a safe distance using a selfie stick and once match is verified, the pre-ordered items are given to the head of household or a designated person in a safe area. 

Our mini thermal printer linked via secure Bluetooth to the mobile device, provides the beneficiary with a receipt for the goods showing the amount deducted from their account and the remaining balance.

WFP maintained full audit trail and have an accurate proof of delivery supported by a trusted and safe technology.

Most importantly, beneficiaries in quarantine received their food supplies right on their doorstep securely, and safely, with social distancing maintained due to the fast and contact-free nature of our technology.