We connect with merchant networks including banks, post offices, remittance agents and mobile wallets connecting aid agencies and disaster funds to multiple distribution points, whilst rapidly utilising the systems already in place, without the need to replace systems altogether.

Hardware and APIs, both provided by IrisGuard, allow faster integration to help control costs. One of the key advantages of using ‘plug and play’ system is the elimination of integration and compatibility issues that can arise not just in the initial setup of a biometric payment system, but whenever a driver is updated.

We work in areas with poor or almost non-existent infrastructure, poor connectivity and with temperature extremes including dry, dusty or wet conditions. For that reason, we continue to advance the operational robustness of iris biometrics via our R&D work on increased effective imaging under direct sunlight.

This enables us to provide the most suitable iris scanners and integrate with the Financial Service Provider's payment system to provide instant cash aid 24/7, using only the human iris as an identifying token. We provide the software that is used for enrolment and authentication of users in real-time.


Trusted ID & POS Solutions

  • Iris authenticated aid payments value USD$ 1.2bn per year = 9.3% of global aid
  • Banking institutions across 7 countries Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt & East Timor
  • Financial switch integration with 5 systems incl. Temenos T24, Infosys Finacle, ICS BANKS & SmartVista
  • Project Management Services
  • Integration Services
  • Implementation & Delivery Services
  • Maintenance and Support Services
  • Training Services

Banking the unbanked

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The World Bank Group's credit infrastructure services focuses on secured transactions as one of its priorities, which is where our technologies provide a solution.

We work with Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MoDM) Iraq to assist them in providing aid for Internally Displaced Persons – (IDP) and work with Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) Lebanon to assist local social welfare as well as the National Aid Fund (NAF) Jordan for the assistance of poor.

Streamlining customer operations by replacing numerous identification documents with a single iris verification while minimising risk through our trusted EyeCloud® technology, we provide migrant workers, IDPs and refugees with a secure digital identity which can be utilised for the receipt of aid, salary assurances and for remittances.

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Migrant Salary Assurance

Many migrant workers - approximately 19 million in GCC countries alone - have no bank account or credit card, which can make the payment of their salary and remitting money to their families in their home country difficult and expensive.

By streamlining the process using IrisGuard's technologies to provide the migrant worker with a secure digital identity, it provides a two-in-one solution for migrant workers:

  • secure receipt of salary
  • ability to remit monies to family at home


As more and more people live and work abroad, the amount of money sent home has risen significantly.  It is estimated that approximately USD$ 400 billion is remitted around the world by expat workers to their home countries every year.

Our technologies enable secure compliance to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international regulations, ensuring a 100% accurate and secure transaction process.

Remittances to the unbanked are also possible, as the beneficiary can be fully authenticated and funds withdrawn using an iris-enabled ATM cash machine.

Partnership with the UNHCR & Cairo Amman Bank

Iris ATM Cash Out

  • 40,000 households
  • 289 iris scanners utilised within the banking environment (ATM & teller)
  • 120 ATM locations in Jordan
  • Provisioned to serve the Palestinian community across 30 locations supported by 121 iris scanners

This solution has been extensively used by the UNHCR, WFP, UN Women and dozens of NGOs and retail banks since 2013 across the Middle East as a targeted delivery platform of financial aid to millions of refugees and unbanked populations, processing more than US$ 1.3 billion per annum.

Refugees are able to walk up to an IrisGuard-enabled EyeCash® ATM, present their eye and effortlessly withdraw their allocated cash subsidies instantaneously. The EyeCash® novel solution was selected based on the request from the aid agency in order to provide a dignified, fast, simple and rigorous method of cash delivery to financially include refugees.

Partnership with the UNHCR & Zain Cash

Mobile Wallet Cash Out

  • 37,500 beneficiaries per month
  • 60 Zain Cash agents’ fixed locations
  • Supported by 73 EyePay phone iris devices
  • USD$ 78 million processed and growing

Our partnership with the UNHCR and Zain Cash has delivered a program utilizing our end-to-end EyePay®  platform, which was required to increase the registration capacity for beneficiaries whilst making it more convenient, remove duplication effort, speed up the process.

It increases beneficiaries’ privacy, significantly improves delivery of assistance they so desperately need which previously took 15 days, enables a secure cash out process and importantly, restores dignity.

Partnership with Housing Bank, Jordan

Citizen Financial Services

  • Identity authentication using only the iris
  • ATM and teller cash withdrawal, money transfers and international remittances
  • 825 devices deployed across 230 locations

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Our systems are suitable for new database registration including utilising of existing iris images, and for provision of services and payments that require an accurate proof-of-life to ensure accuracy and accountability. Speak to our team about your requirements and challenges or get in touch to arrange a free, non-obligatory system demo.