Our Pioneering Iris Recognition Company

Our ground-breaking biometric solutions offer financial inclusion to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

We eliminate fraud and provide unparalleled transparency, accountability and accuracy across the biometric identity sector.

The founders of IrisGuard spent the last 21 years supporting the most pioneering projects that defined the iris industry and delivered a number of world's firsts, providing solutions to large scale humanitarian challenges.

  • We created the UAE national first iris border control system when no one was sure iris recognition worked, which was followed with the development of our own world-leading camera systems that was needed to scale for millions of users with 100% accuracy.
  • Another world first and one of the defining moments of our growth was the design of the EyeGuard® AD100 iris scanner, the most accurate iris imaging system ever built.

IrisGuard products have been on the market for decades due to unmatched UK quality and engineering and our newest cameras are based on the same early principles we pioneered and patented, and which we’ve continued to build on.

Now, we are leading the way in iris payments, Blockchain and microfinance, having developed our own hardware, software and APIs which help bring assistance to millions of unbanked and annually processing USD$ 1.2 billion in humanitarian aid funding, equivalent to 9.3% of total global aid.

"Our deep understanding of iris recognition and the intricacies of detail, continued research and development, combined with our vast field experience has ensured our success and leadership in this field. However, most importantly, it is the mix of technology as well as implementation and direct field deployment in the real world that sets us apart from many other biometric providers"

Imad Malhas, Founder & CEO of IrisGuard

Why Choose our Iris Recognition Company

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Faster software integration & cost control

  • Our iris recognition technology is deployed to ensure 100% accurate identification. 
  • We can verify one individual out of millions in just three seconds - without cards, pin numbers or bank accounts. 
  • This enables our partners to get aid directly to the people who need it most.
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IrisGuard acclaimed hardware & software

  • Our partners benefit from our renowned iris imagers, designed and developed in the UK.
  • We provide full-service packages based on our partners' needs.
  • These include source code samples, developer user manuals and software development kits.
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Data management & security

  • Any personal data and biometric records collected by our clients/partners remain under their ownership, stored on their own servers.
  • No PII or iris records are held on any of our deployed devices.
  • All EyeCloud® products in our fixed, portable and embedded range are protected by the highest standards and are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 standards.
  • Our EyeCloud® packets are protected with an end-to-end encryption scheme which uses the latest industry-standard cryptographic algorithms.
  • Our EyePay® Phone has full compliance to PAD (Presentation Attack Detection) ISO 30107-3 Level 1 testing, performed independently by iBeta labs in the USA.

Reliable & Rapid Beneficiary Registration

  • Register millions of people in real-time (less than three seconds) with unmatched iris image quality and 100% accuracy.
  • Verified onboarding eliminates duplication.
  • No need for any other ID token, regardless of the size of the iris database.
  • A contact-free fixed or mobile ‘one time only’ onboarding platform.
  • Safe, non-intrusive and trusted technology for adults and children.
  • Integrates with existing databases and payment platforms.
  • Cloud-based inside or outside of the country.

Cost effective & efficient transfer platform

  • Our EyeCloud® platform is unrivalled in cost-effectiveness and speed for distribution of cash and food assistance.
  • Our cardless and fraud-proof system eliminates ghost beneficiaries and double-dipping.
  • Our systems create a virtual bank account and provide an alternative KYC solution to service providers and finance institutions.
  • The process eliminates the need for a separate onboarding by a service provider or bank.

Flexible and sustainable charging models

  • We invest in the initial infrastructure and provide flexible charging options including both a CAPEX and OPEX model.
  • Depending on the longevity, size and structure of the project, we work with our customers to establish the most efficient and cost-effective payment model.
  • Our ethical iris recognition company aims to minimise set-up costs and run on a pay-as-you-use basis throughout the duration of the operation.