Verified biometric register onboarding for accurate ID authentication

The lrisGuard EyeBank® solution offers a complete biometric registration and authentication solution for financial and healthcare institutions, Governments, NGOs and retail. Our biometric recognition technology utilises the iris as the ID token for beneficiaries to own their unique digital identity.

Our award-winning iris recognition technology converts each iris image into an encrypted digital code. This is enrolled into a biometric registration database for storage and subsequent rapid matching. Our iris scanners, software and backend servers verify an iris on a one-to-many basis. Biometric recognition technology provides a robust and reliable authentication service with 100% accuracy and delivers a real-time confirmation with only a 2G signal. More information on our iris recognition technology.

Verified digital ID via biometric registration enables secure access to financial and other welfare services for some of the most vulnerable and digitally excluded populations. This includes refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and citizens.

EyeBank® enables registration and management of digital ID systems and it allows a plug-in for our EyeCloud® system. Biometric registration can be utilised for humanitarian aid and social welfare payments; verification of identity and payment cards; accessing Government services; and managing electronic medical records.

EyeCloud® has revolutionised the way banks, NGOs, Governments and FSPs handle personal identification, ensuring security is never compromised. It removes the need to build a new IT infrastructure as our devices, software and APIs link with existing biometric registration databases and payment systems. EyeCloud® connects with a variety of mobile and fixed service points to increase geographic cover. Go to EyeCloud®.

Verified ID is a key enabler of accessing financial and support services

Our biometric recognition technology provides a lifeline for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. 

Benefits of biometric registration include:

  • Safe, non-intrusive and trusted technology for adults and children
  • One-time-only registration process, tailored to suit your requirements 
  • Registration process is quick and easy
  • Utilises the iris only, to replace other ID tokens such as payment cards, identity cards or passports
  • Verified onboarding eliminates duplication
  • Integrates with existing biometric registration databases and payment platforms
  • Fixed, tethered and mobile, contact-free
  • Unmatched iris image quality, with our award-winning, gold standard devices

Indoor, outdoor and remote settings

Online and offline registration


Unique foundational identity

Our software secures remote terminals by identifying the customer at the point of transaction. It can be used whether the person is standing before a teller, at a customer service desk, at an ATM or in a retail store. It matches a person’s iris(es) against an extensive biometric register of iris templates in less than three seconds, on a one-to-many basis, around the world. It provides pristine identification performance through our Iris Farm Architecture (IFA) technology, which powers the entire system.

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