Smart capture

Our R&D team has designed some of the most accurate camera systems in the world. Our iris scanners have been developed to operate reliably in a variety of situations, 24/7. Our scanning devices and iris identification system are reliable in challenging environments, including bright sun, and locations with limited access and connectivity.

Our industry-leading cameras with iris reader technology are designed with superior optics, precision fine-focus motors and intelligent firmware.

We employ pioneering techniques to rapidly and easily capture perfect iris images under operationally challenging conditions. Our sophisticated iris scanners adapt to people wearing veils, headdresses, scarves and hats. Our iris scanners also adjust to anatomical differences, such as head shapes and interpupillary distances.

Our iris reader products have exceeded all industry quality standards and are utilised by many academic and research institutions including the National Institute of Standards and Technology. NIST works with our EyeGuard® AD100 camera as the gold standard in iris recognition hardware due to its image performance quality.

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Our systems are suitable for new database registration including utilising of existing iris images, and for provision of services and payments that require an accurate proof-of-life to ensure accuracy and accountability. Speak to our team about your requirements and challenges or get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation iris identification system demonstration.