Flexible charging model

We invest in the infrastructure and provide flexible charging options including both a CAPEX and OPEX model. Depending on the longevity, size and structure of the project, we work with our customers to establish the most efficient and cost effective charging model with the aim to minimise set up costs and run on a fee per transaction basis throughout the duration of the operation.

Innovation, electronic systems for information sharing, 24/7 availability, data integrity all the while keeping our identities safe and protected, is what we’ve come to expect today and it means inclusivity. Whether that’s financial inclusion, information inclusion, it is part of our everyday life and it is often cheaper to manage our lives, assets, information and business online.

We specialize in providing a platform for accountability, transparency and above all eliminating fraud. We do that using cutting edge iris recognition technology which we have developed, patented and deployed for the past 18 years, manufactured and designed for easy integration into existing services and we operate in 11 countries. Our end-to-end iris recognition platform EyePay® enables the delivery of financial benefit to one person from millions of beneficiaries with 100% accuracy in real time (under three seconds) without needing a card, pin, username, password or any other ID document.


Our systems are manufactured and designed for easy integration into existing services / payment systems. We develop and provide APIs which support Windows and Android, providing fast and reliable identity verification and authentication as well as verified on-boarding ability.


Adding a biometric step to an identity verification process—either at onboarding, for ongoing authentication or at service upgrade stage—can tie a real and live person to a verified ID and provides the only true assurance that the person accessing the system is the authentic owner of the identity they have claimed. What’s more, biometrics stop these fraud attempts from being truly scalable.


Onboarding process can be tailored to suit varied business needs, it is portable, quick and with our business model, inexpensive almost certainly providing savings given its accuracy and efficiency.

Biometric data management

Our clients retain the ownership and access to all data collected. We are GDPR compliant and at no stage do we process any personal records stored. The iris image collected during the onboarding process is transferred into a template and is used for cross matching purposes returning an anonymous identifier, controlled and stored by our clients.

Our devices hold no iris or personal data and therefore pose no risk to any data being lost, stolen or misused in any way.

We conform to current industry standards and have a number of patents covering encryption of both our hardware and software platforms, to ensure that data of our clients as well as beneficiaries has the highest protection and security.


Our skilled team of engineers is able to complete a roll out anywhere in the world with very little infrastructure and operates on 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth. Our platform and devices are mobile, able to link to the Cloud and ideal for remote areas and harsh environments particularly in a situation of a emergency / disaster response where help is needed immediately.


We operate a support hotline which is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, by a fully qualified engineer. In addition to that we offer technical support upgrade options to suit the needs of each project.

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Our systems are manufactured and designed for easy integration into existing services / payment systems. Find out how our contact free verification solutions work in practice or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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