IrisGuard announced as Million Lives Club Member

11th December, 2020


IrisGuard Announced as Vanguard Member of the Million Lives Club

Milton Keynes, UK — The Million Lives Club (MLC) has announced IrisGuard as an official member of its Vanguard cohort, which consists of innovators and social entrepreneurs from around the world who are making a significant impact in addressing global development challenges and have served over 1 million people.

IrisGuard specialises in providing targeted assistance delivery systems using the human iris, utilizing their iris recognition EyePay® Network platform. They are able to deliver cash and other forms of assistance to one person from millions, with 100% certainty in real time (under three seconds), anywhere on earth. Their EyePay® platform does not require a card, pin, username, password or any other token thus providing unmatched accountability at a time when resources are scarce and every donor-dollar needs to go a long way. They have been leading innovation in iris recognition for the past 20 years. IrisGuard have impacted and improved in the last 7 years, on a daily basis the lives of 7.8 million people and are on target to reach 12 million in the next 24 months.

The EyePay® platform provides increased efficiency by streamlining and expanding digital services, fraud elimination, protecting their personal entitlement and restoring dignity.

IrisGuard are a trusted partner of the UNHCR, WFP, UN Women, NGOs and retail banks, increasing financial inclusion for millions of vulnerable populations, who are now able to receive cash from ATMs and mobile cash-out agents, buy their food in supermarkets and receive their regular pension payments using solely their eyes.

The Million Lives Club recognizes the importance of a customer-centric focus in global development and believes that collectively highlighting social innovators that have reached transformative numbers of clients will act as a powerful platform to encourage the uptake and scaling of innovations for good, everywhere. The Million Lives Club is an initiative inspired by members of the International Development Innovation Alliance (IDIA) and supported by a growing partnership of leading development organizations. For more information, please visit us on the Million Lives Club directory