World Bank on Humanitarian Cash Transfers & Financial Inclusion

The working paper published by the World Bank in April 2020 focuses on Humanitarian Cash Transfers and Financial Inclusion with a particular spotlight on operations in Jordan and Lebanon.

It highlights the benefits of collaboration between responding humanitarian aid agencies and the relationships which ultimately are depended on to deliver the much needed cash assistance, such as the Common Cash Facility (CCF) which was set up by the UNHCR in collaboration with the Cairo Amman Bank (CAB).

It has been used by over 22 members for the delivery of cash assistance and utilises IrisGuard's iris scanning and verification platform to authenticate the identity of refugees who are then able to withdraw cash using just their eyes, without any bank cards, PIN numbers or any other ID tokens.

This beneficiary centric method of distributing aid means that multiple agencies in a public-private partnership are able to provide assistance to the same recipient in an efficient, fast and convenient way, whilst restoring their privacy and dignity. You can read the full working paper here