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 - the first in border control, the first on ATM machines, the first in retail POS and the first to secure blockchain authentication

Iris recognition is the most secure, accurate, fastest and fault-free method of human identification, with a single iris containing more information than 10 fingerprints combined.  It cannot be stolen, duplicated, forged, lost or traded.

Every iris is unique, created during gestation by a process called morphogenesis.  The chaotic pattern created is different between the left and right iris, and no two are the same - not even identical twins.

The onboarding process for iris biometric capture is fast and simple - the irisguard imager captures a greyscale image of the iris, converting it to a reliable and permanent Unique Verifiable Identity (UVI) that is used for cross-matching purposes.  It is a one-time enrolment process because unlike many other biometrics, the iris remains stable across an individual's lifespan.

Iris recognition is contactless, non-invasive, hygienic, dignified and appropriate for all cultures and ethnicities.  Tens of thousands of beneficiaries per day can be registered and verified with pinpoint accuracy.

irisguard is the world leader in iris recognition technology - our systems are technologically advanced and built to withstand extreme environmental conditions, some installations have been in place for over ten years working on indoor & outdoor ATMs using only the iris.