Bringing aid to millions of vulnerable people in lockdown

Bringing aid to millions of vulnerable people in lockdown
Cash collection via remittance agent

During this global pandemic lockdown, IrisGuard’s contact-free iris recognition technology continues to enable the distribution of cash assistance whilst ensuring Covid-19 social distancing rules are adhered to and importantly, without the need to remove protective gloves or facial masks.

Crucial assistance whether that is cash, in-kind, food or any other, still needs to be delivered at speed and with great levels of accountability required by both donors and beneficiaries. That can be challenging when operating in remote locations such as in the Middle East and ensuring the safety of aid workers and refugees.

We’ve enabled door-to-door deliveries of cash within refugee camps via our EyePay® mobile device and Zain Cash mobile wallet, we’ve enabled mobile ATMs built into vans which were able to dispense aid cash to the community in locations restricted due to the lockdown.

Fixed locations such as supermarkets within refugee camps and post offices providing cash payments and verification services are operational because there is no physical contact with the equipment and the beneficiaries.

Importantly, they do not need to remove protective gloves or a facial mask, our iris scanning devices only need to use their iris at a safe distance from the operator, making this solution not just safe but fast with each transaction being processed in less than 3 seconds which is key for avoiding lengthy queues during social distancing.

Imad Malhas, IrisGuard Founder and CEO commented: Our technology has been able to strike a great balance between providing high levels of privacy and accountability and now more importantly than ever, complete safety. I am proud that IrisGuard’s solutions have been utilised to financially empower millions of vulnerable people around the world every day.”

Innovation, electronic systems for information sharing, 24/7 availability, data integrity all the while keeping our identities safe and protected, is what we’ve come to expect. Whether that is during an epidemic and the need to test or vaccinate large groups of population, to distribute cash or in-kind assistance or to create a secure health eco system powered by electronic medical records – it all starts with digital identity.



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