IrisGuard joins the Biometrics Institute as both celebrate 20 years of success

IrisGuard joins the Biometrics Institute as both celebrate 20 years of success

Milton Keynes, UK

We are excited to announce that we have become a member of the Biometrics Institute, the global, independent, impartial, international members association, which promotes the responsible and ethical use of biometrics.

We are the world leader in iris recognition secured payment services, providing an end-to-end and scalable system for targeted transfer of humanitarian assistance payments, EMRs management and government to citizen benefit entitlements. Our powerful technology authenticates and authorizes transactions without any other ID, ensuring 100% accurate proof-of-life in real time on a one-to-many basis. We have been leading the way in this sector for the past 20 years.

Simon Reed, our Deputy Director comments; “We are looking forward to working with a diverse global biometrics network, sharing our insights and experiences and playing a key part in the development of good practices supporting responsible use of biometrics across a variety of settings. As this is also our 20th anniversary year, it is an excellent time to further support the Institute.”

The Biometrics Institute was established in 2001 to promote the responsible use of biometrics and has offices in London and Sydney. With more than a thousand members from 225 membership organisations spread across 30 countries, it represents a global and diverse multi-stakeholder community. This includes banks, airlines, government agencies, biometric experts, privacy experts, suppliers and academics.

The Biometrics Institute connects the global biometrics community. It shares knowledge with its members and key stakeholders and most importantly, develops good practices and thought leadership for the responsible and ethical use of biometrics.

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