Verified digital on boarding

Replaces private key

Eliminates theft & fraud

Removes human error

Increased efficiency

Identity, data & assets protection


There are over 1.7 billion people in the world who are unbanked. They lack the critical credentials and requirements to be able to open a bank account, as a result they are not able to build up a credit history, to generate savings or to even get their wages paid. Most experts and financial institutions agree that they need to be financially served, thereby actively brought into the economy. Identity and authenticated user data are the foundations to improve core financial processes and to drive new opportunities.

irisguard's technologies can help to bring financial inclusion to individuals, families and communities who sit outside the traditional banking sphere, providing them with a 100% accurate and secure digital identity, facilitating the use of iris-enabled ATM cash machines, retail POS and Android mobile device. Adding a biometric step to an identity verification process—either at onboarding, for ongoing authentication or at service upgrade stage would tie a real and live person to a verified ID, providing assurance that the person accessing the system is the authentic owner of the identity they have claimed. What’s more, biometrics stop these fraud attempts from being truly scalable. Onboarding process can be tailored to various business needs.

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Our systems are manufactured and designed for easy integration into existing services / payment systems. Find out how our contact free verification solutions work in practice or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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