During this global pandemic lockdown, our contact-free iris recognition technology continues to enable the distribution of cash assistance whilst ensuring Covid-19 social distancing rules are adhered to and importantly, without the need to remove protective gloves or facial masks.

In 2019, nearly 132 million people needed humanitarian aid and protection. And even more, 1.7b remain unbanked. One of our priorities is to help move towards our mission of empowering financial inclusion in the blink of an eye and to help increase the quality of life through the distribution of useful and accessible financial services.


Donors & Governments

Targeted aid distribution
Fraud elimination
Stretching donors donations


Increased donations due to accountability
Reduced bank fees (no card/pin/support)
Leading the way with innovation


Protect personal entitlement
Increased donations
Communities rebuilt
Securing a new future

We’ve enabled door-to-door deliveries of cash within refugee camps via our EyePay® mobile device and Zain Cash mobile wallet, we’ve enabled mobile ATMs built into vans which were able to dispense aid cash to the community in locations restricted due to the lockdown.

Fixed locations such as supermarkets within refugee camps and post offices providing cash payments and verification services are operational because there is no physical contact with the equipment and the beneficiaries.

It has been extensively used by the UNHCR, WFP, UN Women and dozens of NGOs and retail banks as a targeted delivery platform of financial aid to millions of refugees / unbanked processing more than $3.5m per month; See how our products have helped refugees in Lebanon PostJordan Post, Egypt Post and with two mobile wallet providers (Zain Cash Iraq and Mahfazati).

Starting the delivery of emergency aid, especially at scale, takes significant lead time. All elements of preparedness require a joint approach with partners. Cash based interventions give beneficiaries more dignified form of assistance and they can prioritise what they need the most. People are then less likely to resort to harmful coping strategies, benefit local community.

We connect with merchant networks including banks, post offices, remittance agents and mobile wallets connecting aid agencies and disaster funds to multiple distribution points, whilst rapidly utilising the same systems. We are able to implement this with very little infrastructure, within a matter of days which is key  to distributing emergency support. Our live monitoring system reports on values and/or volumes of aid distributed, highlighting hotspots which require help the most.

Identity and authenticated user data is the foundation for improving core financial processes and opens up new opportunities, particularly in the developing world. Our patented EyePay® technology is an innovative Secure Financial Delivery platform that utilises end-to-end iris recognition technology such as EyeBank®, EyeCloud®, and EyeCash® for a secure delivery of financial services to the world’s unbanked. Importantly, it is passwordless, it enables card-less cash withdrawals on ATMs, Blockchain transfers, remittances and replaces food vouchers in supermarkets.

Beneficiaries have been purchasing their groceries by using just their iris, without pre-paid bank cards, tokens or bank accounts. It provides them with privacy, dignity, it is contact-free, safe, non-intrusive and crucially, it protects their personal entitlement whilst providing complete accountability that donors funds have been distributed accurately.

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Our systems are manufactured and designed for easy integration into existing services / payment systems. Find out how our contact free verification solutions work in practice or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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