The UNHCR has successfully and effortlessly enrolled over 2.5 million vulnerable Syrian refugees displaced throughout the neighbouring countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Turkey) using IrisGuard’s technology. The humanitarian EyeBank® project is the world’s largest iris deployment intended to provide financial inclusion services to Syrian refugees. The EyeBank® iris database is used in  conjunction with a variety of refugee EyeCloud® services such as financial inclusion, social assistance, food distribution etc. by the aid agencies and its affiliated non-governmental organisations (NGO) throughout the MENA region.

Refugees are able to walk up to an IrisGuard-enabled EyeCash® ATM, present their eye and effortlessly withdraw their allocated cash subsidies instantaneously. The EyeCash® novel solution was selected based on the request from the aid agency in order to provide a dignified, fast, simple and rigorous method of cash delivery to financially include refugees.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has deployed IrisGuard’s innovative EyePay® payment terminals in supermarkets so that Syrian refugees can redeem their monthly food assistance instead of using a prepaid electronic card at the checkout counters. The EyePay® solution is the preferred food assistance delivery method for refugees, securely making grocery purchases easier. WFP’s innovative system relies on the UNHCR EyeBank® biometric refugee registration data to seamlessly identify refugees thought the EyeCloud® services at retail store checkout counters.

In 2017 IrisGuard’s enhanced its EyePay® Secure Financial Delivery platform to include the innovative and emerging Blockchain technology. In the past few years the humanitarian community has been increasingly adopting Cash-Based Transfers as the means to provide assistance to beneficiaries. With CBT instead of, receiving in-kind food, beneficiaries receive the means to purchase their own food in the blink of the Eye without pre-paid bank cards, tokens or bank accounts. In order to enable CBT, organizations rely on financial service intermediaries that bring with them costs, risks, reduced beneficiary privacy, accountability concerns, and delays. The World Food Program introduced the WFP Building Blocks where the EyePay® Secure Financial Delivery platforms was integrated with Ethereum as a cryptocurrency to provide transparency in blockchain transactions. IrisGuard helped the WFP secure the last-mile of blockchain transactions through the use of iris recognition as a secure and fail-proof authentication of identity instead of the crypto key.

The proven EyePay® platform integrates natively via the EyeCloud® with the Blockchain payment systems from acquiring, issuing and processing with payment service providers and core banking software platforms, as well as complex UN agencies registration and administrative systems making Cash-Based Transfers between the WFP and the beneficiary faster, cheaper and more secure. Currently, all refugee camp supermarkets in Jordan have deployed the EyePay® blockchain platform.